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Does Your House Have A Major Electrical Problem?

Does Your House Have A Major Electrical Problem?

People do not pay attention to many common signs that indicate that your house has a major electrical issue. In Namibia we have tried to discuss some of those signs to assist our readers in identifying them easily. People do not pay attention to many common signs that indicate that your house has a major electrical issue. We have tried to discuss some of those signs to assist our readers in identifying them easily.

i) High Temperature Of Outlets

Electric outlets should not be heated because it is a sign of faulty wiring. Pay close attention to the temperature of your switches and get them replaced with the help of a professional as early as you notice the warmness in their temperature. Dimmer switches are an exception because they normally stay warm most of the time. However, they can be dangerous as well if they get hot. Therefore, call your electrician when you notice strange warmness in your switches or heating in your dimmer switches.

ii) Aluminum Wiring

Aluminum wiring can cause electric fires because it tends to oxidize quickly. People use these wires because of their low prices compared to copper wires. However, people do not know that a fire can erupt soon after heating up. Therefore, replace your aluminum wiring with copper wiring.

iii) Outlets Producing Burning Smell Should Be Replaced Immediately

The burning smell coming out of the outlets should not be neglected. It’s a sign that your wiring is loose, and the outlet can catch fire anytime. Therefore, call an electrician and replace the outlet that produces a burning smell.

iv) Buzzing Sounds Inside The Outlets

It is not normal if your outlets produce a buzzing sound when plugging a cord in them. Such sound indicates the signs of loose wiring, which causes sparks inside the outlet. The sparks can turn into an electric fire. Therefore, if you notice buzzing sounds coming out from your outlet, immediately call a professional electrician to fix the outlet.

v) Counterfeit Electrical Products

Do not buy ridiculously cheap electrical products like night bulbs, extension cords, and power strips. They are cheap because a credible manufacturer does not produce them. Such products are one of the main reasons behind an electric fire because they cannot handle load properly.

vi) Messy Wiring

Messy or tangled wiring is a serious threat to the safety of a house. But unfortunately, many people do not know the importance of proper or untangled wiring. Therefore, if your house is one of those households that has tangled wiring, then consult a professional electrician and sort this thing out before it gets too late.

vii) Circuit Breakers Tripping

Breakers usually trip when a circuit is overloaded with power. The tripping of circuits is meant to protect our homes from an electrical fire. However, it is a sign of great danger if your breaker trips frequently. Frequent tripping means serious problems with your breaker, and it needs urgent repairing. Always keep your breakers maintained because the fire that erupts from breakers can turn your building into ashes in no time.

viii) Presence Of Rodents In The House

You need to inspect your wiring regularly if your house has rodents. Rats like to chew almost everything, including electrical wiring. So, rodents should be taken to warn that your electrical wiring is at risk of being bitten up.


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