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USAID Set to Power Africa with 5-Gigawatt Solar Energy Plan

It has been reported that Botswana and Namibia have enormous solar potential. The authorized sectors needed to utilize such massive treasure to plan renewable energy programs. Now the South African nations are working with the U.S government, Power Africa, to establish a 5,000 megawatts solar energy plan.

In an interview, Tom Alweendo Namibia mines and energy minister said,” After the signing ceremony of the agreement it will be easy to study plant location and size. Eskom Holdings SOC Ltd, a South African company, hopes to import power to benefit both nations.

Eskom Holdings SOC Ltd mainly generates energy by burning coal, as the continent is struggling operationally and financially to meet the demanded expenditure of the continent’s energy.  The inclusion of 5,000 megawatts of renewable energy resources will expand the total aggregate of energy sources.

It was informed by Mmetla Masire (Botswana’s permanent secretary for mineral resources, green technology, and energy security ), “We ought to have just endorsed at this point, and there was a ton of development on the arrangement in March before Covid-19 disturbing issues”.

According to the website USAID, Power Africa, along with governments, donors, and private sectors, has managed to bring around 11,000 megawatts of generation magnitude financially close since 2013, before governmental detains immobilized the effort.

Both the nations anticipate installing 5,000 megawatts solar energy plans across the lands that are mostly flat surfaces with direct sun exposure. According to Mmetla Masire, the further discussion on finer details of the agreement, including likely destinations inside the two nations, cost-sharing, and other specialized subtleties, will happen later.


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