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Ways To Spot Electrical Problems in Your Home

Ways To Spot Electrical Problems in Your Home

In Namibia most people do not know how to spot electrical problems in their homes. If you are amongst such people, don’t worry because we will explain how to spot such problems easily. Most people do not know how to spot electrical problems in their homes. If you are amongst such people, don’t worry because we will explain how to spot such problems easily.

Different Electrical Problems

To enjoy an uninterrupted electrical supply, you need to maintain your electrical appliances regularly. Moreover, you should be aware of different common electrical problems to identify and rectify them timely. Timely maintenance of electrical appliances can also protect your house from an electrical fire, which can turn your house into ashes in no time. Following are some ways to spot some common electrical problems in your homes.

a) Strange odors
Most of us experience strange odors after installing new appliances. Those odors can result from the fresh paint of the new appliance. However, if you feel that an electrical outlet like switchboards produces strange odors, then take that smell as a warning. In case of such a smell, unplug everything connected to the outlet because smells are caused due to excessive load. Furthermore, don’t use that outlet again before getting it examined by a professional electrician. Call an electrician immediately if you notice a strange odor coming from your breaker panel.

b) Bogus Electrical Products 

Do not buy ridiculously cheap electrical products like night bulbs, extension cords, and power strips. They are cheap because a credible manufacturer does not produce them. Such products are one of the main reasons behind an electric fire because they cannot handle load properly. People who buy these products to save some money lose a huge amount of money because of an electric fire.

c) Hot or igniting outlets and switches

Keep an eye on the temperatures of your light switches. Call an electrician if you notice an unusual warmness in your switches. Similarly, the sparking in your outlet is caused due to loose wiring. If you observe sparking in your outlets, call an electrician to inspect whether your wiring needs to be changed or not.

d) Buzzing Switches

Normal switches and outlets do not produce any sound at all. So, if you hear any buzzing sounds when plugging an electric cord in the socket or when pushing the switch buttons, then turn your main switch off immediately. Then, call an electrician and do not turn on the main switch until the electrician arrives.

e) Check Your Wirings Regularly If Your House Is Infested With Rodents

Rats and mice like to nibble different objects like fabric, wood, food particles, and even electrical wiring. So, if you see any of these rodents inside your premises, then the first thing you should do is check your electrical wiring. Check your wirings regularly in case you are unsure that the rodents are living inside your house or they just visit it to find some food. These rodents chew electrical wire, causing their metallic part to expose, resulting in short circuits and electric fires.

f) Frequently Tripping Circuit Breakers

When an outlet experiences more than its capacity, a circuit breaker trips to protect the wiring from electric fire. However, if you notice that your circuit breakers trip more frequently, consult a professional because frequent tripping indicates the loosening of wires.


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