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Living as an expat in Windhoek, Namibia

Living as an expat in Windhoek, Namibia

Are you an expat in Namibia who stays in Windhoek? Well, you might have heard of the rich cultural heritage in Namibia. The fascinating scenes are here for expats and locals. But then, you need to learn the basics. In case you are an expat in Windhoek and you have children, beware that primary education is compulsory.

The government of Namibia state that all children between age six and sixteen MUST attend schools. The primary education is free but the parents must pay for uniform, books and school improvement fees. The subjects are mainly taught in English. However, Afrikaans and German schools which follow international curricula are also available.

Currently, there are 1,400 schools in Namibia and 100 are private. Most private schools are located in towns and Windhoek has the largest share being the capital city. The rate of unemployment in Namibia is high. Therefore, the government considers employment of locals over the expats.

Namibia which is a German colony primarily depends on agriculture and mining. The country majorly mines diamonds. Considering the natural beauty of the country, expats prefer visiting the deserts. The government recommends that expats use four wheel drive vehicles while visiting the deserts.

Major cultural institutions are based in Windhoek. This makes Windhoek the best destination for expats.  Windhoek also has various hotels and restaurants. The accommodation facilities in Windhoek are also well equipped and secure. Unlike other African states where ethnic chaos are common, Namibia is always calm. You will rarely get reports of crimes within the expat dwellings in Windhoek. The stable political environment is said to contribute to the peaceful life of expats.

Expats should know that in the city centers, there are petty crimes. Since the rate of unemployment is high, there are pickpockets and credit fraudsters.

Expat transport and healthcare

Windhoek has properly paved roads. Moreover, the public transport sector also works well. The expats who use public transport should consider having expat guides otherwise they resort for four wheel drive cars. Traveling through the desert at night within calls for the use of four wheel drive cars. This is because wild animals walk during the night.

The healthcare facilities in Namibia are advancing. However, the common trend is that expats have health insurance covers. The government has a fleet of ambulance distributed in the country for emergency response. When moving in Windhoek, ensure you be vaccinated as per the states requirements.


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