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NAMIBIA: “Edge” for Green Buildings by IFC

International Financial Corporation (IFC) is the financing arm of the private segment of the World Bank. It has partnered with Bank Windhoek in quest of launching the “Edge Software” for Namibia that is “Excellence in Design for Greater Efficiencies.” This particular software is meant to certify the green building segment through financial facilitation.

For the certification of sustainable construction anywhere but more specifically in Namibia, IFC, which is a part of the World Bank, also termed its subsidiary, has formulated a domestic solution to create an adaption pattern for various countries’ in the African region. This specific initiative is meant as a crucial step in helping address the financing needs of this industry.

As part of the approach to revolutionize the sector of real estate, it also attempts to serve as a compensation mechanism for a domestic body meant for certification or lack thereof. Bank Windhoek sales analyst Ruan Bestbier said that Edge is a measurable way for builders to optimize their designs because it leads towards a more bankable and marketable product.

 How does it work?

This software gives you the allowance to evaluate solutions in implanting the construction of green buildings. This range of solutions reduces electricity consumption through an efficient energy system whereby there is a clean system of producing energy meant to lower the environmental hazard of the particular house.

It also caters to the ever-rising contention of water through well-installed faucets that also run of lower flows. This helps in the reduction of water consumption in-house as well as implementing a management system to curtail water wastage. This software believes that around a 20% reduction will be witnessed in the consumption of water and energy in contrast to conventional structures built.

This system is designed in such a manner so that there is a provision of opportunities within the design to cater to energy efficiency. As per the proposals of the design sent in by initial configurations by the developer of projects and the aspired building’s geography, proposals are said to differ.

This software expects the benefits that are advanced to stakeholders and customers within the construction arena. The implementation is within the spectrum of the program that is still going on as per the Green Obligation project in Namibian territory. Bank Windhoek has gathered together over $4 million to garner clean energy efforts amid a mechanism derived upon incentives to promote sustainable development to finance the private sphere.


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